Let’s CHARGE Ahead

In 2011, Nor’wood Development Group collaborated with Colorado Springs Utilities to install the first private electric vehicle charging station in Southern Colorado. The partnership with Colorado Springs Utilities is crucial because it gives the city valuable data on charging station usage and power requirements to provide critical insights on improvements or renovations needed to the city’s electrical system.

For Nor’wood, there is no certainty that electric vehicles will supersede gasoline and diesel vehicles as the dominant consumer vehicle, however, it has been an organizational goal to continue to be an early adopter of sustainable initiatives.

Below are some examples of sustainability initiatives taken on by Nor’wood:

  • All future projects will be LEED certified
  • Motion-sensor lighting technology implemented in Plaza of the Rockies parking garage
  • Daylight harvesting controls have been installed at Alamo Corporate Center
  • Plaza of the Rockies has launched a recycling program
  • First & Main Town Center has a brand new weather sensitive sprinkling system

Since installation, Nor’wood has not and will not charge for usage of electric vehicle charging stations. It is important to us to facilitate the easy adoption of sustainable technology, rather than to hinder it. One First & Main Town Center patron noted that he “only shops at places where charging stations are available”.

There are currently plans for electric charging stations to be installed across all of Nor’wood’s properties in the Pikes Peak Region. As accessibility for electric vehicles increases, the demand for EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) dramatically increases. More information on future charging stations will be available later this year.